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The Digital Fashion Academy is the online place where you can acquire skills that will allow you to understand and manage the new technologies for Digital Fashion and Luxury business .

During the period that separates us from the launch of the courses online, you will receive courses previews and other information that will get you started in your professional development path towards the digital fashion.

You will also be able to choose better among the variety of courses that will be available online. 

Fashion and Luxury management has become more and more relevant in last few years. In particular with the development of e-commerce and digital channels luxury and fashion products are now available to every person.

30% of the fashion jobs as we know them may not exist in 10-15 years, changes in consumer preferences and artificial Intelligence being some of the reasons behind this change.

To explain what Digital Fashion Academy idea is for, imagine a world where all interactions and transaction are mediated by digital devices, this is called “digital retailing“. Digital Fashion Academy has at its art the creation of knowledge around digital retaling.

The reason why we believe it is necessary to create a full scale digital academy rather than just online courses or tutorials is that learners will benefit from being focused and guided in their studies.

Whether they are graduates who wants to enter the fashion industry or a professionals who need to upgrade their skills, they will need the help of digital professionals who will be willing to share knowledge, direct their studies to meet their business needs and finally provide connections to the fashion industry.

On the other hand, manufacturing technology, it’s at the heart of product innovation, and needs to be leveraged by digital business professionals, as the result of the market needs.

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